Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Book Twenty-Seven: Psychic Roadtrip

Book Twenty-Seven
June 2001
Handmade Book, Edition of Three
Hardcover book, one hand-sewn signature,
envelope containing photographs.
Created during roadtrip to Nelson, Canada.

Creation ex nihilo, a phrase most often found in religious dogma, can also be well-appplied to social situations.

In your theology of choice the term identifies how the deity (who almost always exists outside of time and space) creates the cosmos from the primordial vacuum. Creation ex nihilo — the creation of something from nothing. Skilled practitioners of the art in a social setting can also create something from nothing (although in this case they have much more raw material to work with). They create narrative tension, drama and foreshadowing from the seemingly random events of the day. Skilled practitioners of this are are wonderful to hang out with - because everything that happens to you means something.

In the summer of 2001 I went on a road trip to Nelson BC with two friends. It is surprising how pregnant with meaning the events of the day can be if you only let them. Take away rigid predetermined plans, let chance play a part, and open your mind to the re-interpretation of events and signs and before you know it you are being manipulated by an unseen hand that guides you to where you were meant to be ... as if you were not on an ordinary journey but rather ... a psychic roadtrip!

This book commemorated the event. Books like these are what happens if you spend too much time with a wonderful set of dover publications on bookbinding.

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