Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Miriam Gil

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  1. Dear Tim,
    Thanks so much for the insightful memories of the steaming hot chocolate, the bird feeder and the quote of "Gabo"'s own memories. Words are a tunnel to our memory, and you have the gift the story teller.

    I shall also add that the tulip tree in which Tim hanged the bird feeder was accessed from the second floor by the kitchen window facing the mountains. Tim created a sophisticated devise to reach the feeder, which he made by using a long pole to which he attached a fork. The spikes of the fork were twisted in such a way that they could hold a cup full of seeds. The bird feeder itself was another original design by Tim McLaughlin, made by using a hard cover book, open and facing downwards acting as the roof of the feeder. He pierced each corner of the book, and passed a wire though each hole. The end of the wires met at the bottom of the feeder, and held a small dish containing the seeds. Needless to say, the bird feeder brought another set of sounds to our soudscape, as the craws, stellar jays, starlings, and other small birds competed for the seeds. Tim is a constant inventor, who would come up with the most amusing solutions to his original creations. I used to call him "my pandora-box friend, as he was - and still is, in continuous state of creation.

    M. Gil